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Be a Blockchain Manager

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are on the upswing. Businesses across industries from finance to manufacturing to healthcare know that blockchain technologies are growing and could lead to many business advantages, including reduced operational costs, faster transaction speed, and eliminating the cost and need of using intermediaries to facilitate financial transactions.


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Noku Pay Overview – Transfer Crypto in real time, for free

It has been more than a decade since the creation of Bitcoin. Since that fatidic day, the technology powering cryptocurrencies has gone on to influence a wide range of sectors of the global economy, particularly the payment industry. Having said that, there is still a relevant issue with crypto acceptance and expenditure worldwide.

Showing NokuPay at Blockchain Summit in Dubai

Our team attended the Blockchain Summit in Dubai, at the Dubai Marina Address last November 27th 2018.. We picked yet another excellent event to present ToknRaise and NokuPay.

The Noku Master Token: Fueling Noku Ecosystem

As Noku Platform Development accelerates, the use cases of Noku token gradually increases. Although holders can always go onto crypto exchanges to buy and sell tokens for speculation purposes, Noku is mainly a utility Token used to access the NOKU platform and services.

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