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Noku Swap*

Convert your digital currencies in Fiat Money, No exchange required.

The platform enables crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto
conversion of a selected number of tokens, against Euros.

Convert your tokens instantly

Get your Noku tokens without an Exchange

The conversion occurs straight from your wallet, without having to send your tokens to any external exchange service. In the case of crypto-crypto conversion, the timeframe will be in the order of minutes and it will depend on the speed of the Blockchain involved. The selected tokens will be sent directly to your wallets after being converted. In the case of crypto – fiat conversion, the tokens will be sent first and on a later stage, the fiat amount will be credited to your bank account.

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Easy way to Crypto

Directly embedded on your Noku Wallet

Noku Swap aims to simplify and make more efficient the conversion of ERC-20 tokens to ETH and Stable-Coin, making it more time-convenient.  Start today exchanging Noku, EUR, EURN, ETH in both ways using you Ethereum Wallet and also IBAN number, using SEPA transfers.

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FIAT Support

Buy crypto or redeem FIAT money is easy!

Swapping tokens simplifies your crypto life. If you ever tried buying some Noku tokens, the normal process involves an exchange: you had to visit the exchange site, register a new account, transfer some of your ETH to buy the sum of NOKU you needed and then move the fund to your Noku Wallet in order to use them.

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* Technology and service provided by Noku North Europe OÜ. Noku North Europe OÜ is a fully licensed virtual currency exchange, regulated under the EU legislation.