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Noku Research’s mission is to advance the research and development of Blockchain-based technologies for use in Business, Finance, Economics, Legal, Industrial and all other areas of potential impact.

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We are just at the beginning of Blockchain adoption curve

Our team is looking for new ways to enhance Blockchain utility in various sectors, starting from finance and industrial application. We are convinced the new wave of Blockchain development will be focused on creating efficiency, and diving into use case scenarios for Blockchain technology that can be commercialized.

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Bitcoin Financial Sidechain

A cryptocurrency can be considered ‘stable’ if it is pegged by a centralized asset (such as a FIAT currency, gold, real estate) or a decentralized asset (such as another cryptocurrency,) or if an algorithm guarantees its stability. From a traditional standpoint, stablecoins are backed by a ‘reserve’ (of centralized or decentralized assets,).

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Noku Chain

A Blockchain for industrial applications.

A large number of companies are interested in launching Blockchain applications. However, most of the companies we have been talking with are reluctant to use Blockchain because of the speed of transactions with Public Blockchain.
Noku chain is the solution we are developing in order to create a seamless experience when sending transactions, tickets, internal tokens, representatives of items.


Proof of Timestamp, Ownership, Verifiable independently.

We consider Notarization as one of the use cases that Blockchain and Smart contracts can disrupt. It’s one of the most influencing changes since it’s reshaping a 700-year-old profession.
Blockchain technology assures that the integrity of data once written in the chain.
The benefits of a Distributed ledger in such cases are a lot: monitoring information on the Blockchain provides proof of Timestamp, Ownership, verifiable independently.

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