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Frequently Asked Questions

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The all-in-one blockchain platform for Tokens, ICO and STO

Tokenraise Platform is an interface build on the Ethereum Blockchain, made of 26 interconnected smart contracts. You select the parameters of your choice and then you deploy the contracts directly on the Ethereum Blockchain.

GAS is the fuel of the entire Ethereum system: it is the unit that measures how much computational effort is necessary to execute an operation.

It is used to calculate the amount of fees to be paid to the network: so, in order to execute an operation to which correspond a computational effort, you always need to pay GAS.

Noku does not fix the cost of the GAS; it is instead directly dependant to the Ethereum Network guidelines: the amount of the GAS will be directly proportional to the computational effort required to execute the operation you request.

Executing a smart token is much more demanding than executing a basic transaction, so the GAS needed to create and deploy a Custom Token is by definition higher than the GAS required for sending a transaction.

Please check our website on www.noku.io/tokenraise/, feel free to join our Telegram Group where you can ask questions to our admins https://t.me/nokuofficial.

The TokenRaise smart contracts have been through 7 months of penetrations tests, performed by external companies with experience in Auditing and Security such as Yoroi and Deepit.

Just click the buttons from the Platform and the contract will be deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every action remains on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Yes, at the beginning of the process you will be asked to create a Wallet on the Noku Platform. You can do it in a few clicks through wallet.noku.io

You can create it easily going on wallet.noku.io.

You can Buy it from exchanges, such as The Rock Trading, DDex and LiveCoin or using  our new Swap Service (ETH/NOKU) to get Noku directly embedded on Noku Wallet.

The platform cost may vary according to how many subscribers will your Blockchain Crowdfunding have. The more subscribers, the higher the cost will be. Please get in touch with info@noku.io for more details.

A “mintable token” is a token which total amount can be increased in a later stage, after the first issue.

During a crowd sale it is often necessary to mint – coin, forge – new tokens: this happens when the tokens issued at the beginning of the ICO have been completely sold but there are still investors who want to come in for the crowd sale.

A “burnable token” is a token which total amount can be decreased in a later stage, after the first issue.

If a crowd sale ends and some tokens remain unsold, they can be burn, i.e. withdrawn from the market. This will eventually cause an increase in the overall value of the token.

The service fee for 1 token creation is always 1 ETH worth, to be paid in NOKU. Plus, you need to pay the GAS in ETH. Just because the service is paid in NOKU, the price may vary due to the variation in the ETH/NOKU exchange rate.

At the moment you can not change your Custom Token logo, but the feature will be available as soon as possible.

At the moment you can not change your Custom Token name, but the feature will be available as soon as possible.

At the moment you can not change your Custom Token ticker, but the feature will be available as soon as possible.

Noku Wallet

The best and easy way to manage your crypto assets

New to Noku wallet? First of all… WELCOME!
unlock an existing wallet with Noku is very easy and we made a guide just for you!
Learn how to unlock a wallet with Noku


The beating heart of the Noku Ecosystem

The Noku Account is your passepartout to the Noku Platform: a safe ecosystem and an indispensable tool made of different interfaces, services and products powered by Noku. An account designed to interact directly with the Ethereum blockchain, to let you manage easily your coins and your token. And to be part of the Noku Community.

If you sign up a Noku Account, you will gain access to a set of services (that is the Noku Platform) you’ve quite probably never seen before:

1. The Workspace, where you can organize and monitor your various addresses and wallets, simplifying their daily use: this means the Workspace displays, in one screen, all your addresses and the total sum of their balances.

2. The Custom Token interface of the TokenRaise Platform, that permits you to create your own custom tokens in 5 minutes, with no need of writing a single line of code; you will be able to choose the token name, ticker, logo, total supply, and then use it for whatever purpose you like.

3. The Custom ICO interface of the TokenRaise Platform, to start your ICO entrusting the whole procedure (presale, reservation, crowdsale) to Noku and create automatically the related custom token.

4. The KYC authentication, split into 3 different levels: first = registration; second = personal information; third = ID documents and verification.

Many other projects are under development, but we cannot tell about these now. Be sure to stay tuned: they represent a decisive step toward a global token economy.

When you forget your password, we know that you want to get back into your account as quickly as possible. So we kept this procedure very simple and fast: just go to https://accounts.noku.io/forgot and you’ll recover your account in few minutes.

Know your customer or simply KYC, is the process of a business verifying the identity of its clients and assessing potential risks of illegal intentions for the business relationship. The term is also used to refer to the bank regulations and anti-money laundering regulations which govern these activities.

The KYC authentication, split into 3 different levels:
first = registration
second = personal information
third = ID documents and verification. this third step will be done in collaboration with YOTI

List of identity documents which are accepted are:

  • National ID card

You are required to prove your place of residence during the KYC process.
The document to prove your place of residence must be no older than 3 months:

  • Recent utility bill (gas, water, electric, landline phone, cable TV)
  • Recent bank account statement, Mortgage statement
  • Correspondence between you and a government authority regarding the receipt of benefits such as a pension, unemployment benefits, housing benefits, tax assessments etc.
  • Certificate of voter registration

Please remember that the details in your Noku account must match those on the documents you submit.

As a regulated company and online service, Noku must comply with the rules and laws imposed by the regulators. In order to do so, Noku account holders may be required to submit specific documentation that will assist us in ensuring the safety and security of all transactions done via Noku.
Noku’s core obligations are to protect its clients’ funds and prevent money laundering.
KYC documents along with the customer’s photograph have been made mandatory to reduce as much fraud as possible and as an anti-money laundering measure.

When uploading your ID/Passport:

  • Ensure that your document is valid and not expired, without any type of modifications
  • Ensure your document is in a well-lit area
  • Photograph the entire document and avoid cutting off any corners or sides
  • Ensure the ID is fully visible and in focus
  • Make sure the app or program you use to take the pictures does not add any logos or watermarks
  • Do not obfuscate any information on the ID

For completing Level 3 you need to verify yourself on the YOTI platform. Don’t worry it’s a very easy procedure that will take you less than 5 minutes!


Signin up for a Noku Account is as easy as pie! you just need an email address or a telegram account and you’re set!
Go to the Signup page now: accounts.noku.io/signup

Before you close your account, take a few moments to review your subscriptions and save important data. Since we want to make sure that’s really you how asked for the deletion of the account you need to send an email (from the email address which you used to create the account) to support@noku.io


Your payments, instant and free

Noku Pay is a Meta-Blockchain acting as a payment system. It allows virtually anyone with a smartphone to pay or transfer tokens and cryptocurrencies in real time and without incurring in any fees. The payment/collection system is free for everyone, for those who pay and those who receive funds. Noku Pay is integrated into both the Noku Web Wallet and the Noku Mobile Wallet.