Noku Update

Why we apply KYC measures?


We are convinced that the value of integrity means honesty and sincerity, and businesses with it show consistency between what they think, say and do. Even if easy material gains are readily available in the Blockchain world, we do not compromise us for them.

Our users are requested to provide us with a copy of their ID and/or with proof of their residential address to use many of our services. We understand that, in some cases, such measures are bothersome and might be perceived as an intrusion in our customers’ lives.

Why are KYC measures in place?

The vast majority of our activities is regulated. This means that financial Regulators supervise us, to check that we comply with the applicable law and regulation to contrast money laundering and terrorism financing. Because of that, we are requested to take measures to avoid the use of our tools for illicit purposes.

To be sure about your identity and/or address is a vital aspect of our business. In some instances, that is what the law imposes us to do. Our Know Your Customer (KYC) measures represent our commitment to compliance, much far beyond the ‘tone.’

We want to reassure youBeing asked for identification does not mean you are under suspicion. The identification requirements apply to all our clients when they ask us to access certain types of services or when they reside in or a citizen of some countries across the globe.

We are not the ones who decide which services, jurisdictions or users have to be considered at ‘high risk.’ International independent bodies and national lawmakers and Regulators are responsible for these rules, and we comply with their precepts because we believe that conducting our business lawfully and ethically is, first of all, the right thing to do.

Our customers can benefit from such rules, too.

We believe that KYC measures favour our customer, too.

First of all, legitimacy means that we are doing business trustworthily and, in this way, we attract more reliable clientele. When you operate inside our system, our KYC models guarantee you that you will always deal with users as much honest and dependable as you.

Then, our KYC best practices help us to gather useful data about your profile. In full respect of the applicable data protection regulations, we can offer you customised solutions, to better serve your needs.

Finally, while our Compliance unit guarantees the compliance of our business with the law, the rest of our team can focus on designing awesome applications to make the most complex technology accessible for everyone, and valuable resources are not funnelled away from our core business.

We strive to make our KYC measures more and more rapid, painless, straightforward. And we sincerely appreciate our users’ cooperation in complying with them.

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