What’s New in Noku? February Community Update


Wondering what have we been doing? Welcome to our community recap, where we sum up the main news from Noku World.

Noku partners with Yoti for KYC Management, Upcoming Swap release, more events coming up soon. Just to start with!

Noku partners with Yoti to provide secure identity verification

Noku TokenRaise is partnering with Yoti to give more people access to its blockchain technology.  Thanks to this partnership, Noku TokenRaise customers will now be able to share verified information through Yoti’s secure digital identification app, which leverages facial recognition and document reading for authentication, making it even easier for people to navigate Noku’s user-friendly blockchain platform. Yoti’s strong track record – and its belief in blockchain – should further alleviate any concerns that people might have about the security of Noku’s platform.

Noku CEO to speak at Quant 2019, the European leading quantitative & asset management event
The event will take place in Venice on 21st, 22nd of February and with father investors, asset management firms and Fintech companies.


Noku Swap with “fiat money” and EURN to be launched on 18 February

The service provides the advantage of instant conversion to the wallet, without having to send your tokens to any external exchange service. Among the crypto available immediately there will be ETH, NOKU, EURN and fiat currencies EUR and CHF. Therefore, it will also be possible to directly convert EURN (the stable-coin pegged to the Euro) into fiat currency and request a “redeem“.

How well do you know Noku Platform?
Since we are releasing a lot of updates recently, we believe it is a good idea to share how to tutorials about Noku Platform.
“Alright, are you telling me that I can create my token in less than 5 minutes? The answer is yes, issuing an ERC20 token on Noku is quick and easy! “

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