Noku Update

TokNRaise: the Backbone of Your Blockchain Project


Do you want to launch your ICO / STO but do not have any coding skills and not even blockchain developers in your team? Noku provides you with the best service to customize your crowdsale on Ethereum Blockchain. Begin immediately to raise funds without writing a line of code.

If you’ve ever tried launching your Blockchain crowdsale (Be it STO or ICO), you already know that it takes a long time to build and a big investment in terms of resources and money. Every company that decides to launch its ICO, in fact, faces a series of challenges, which can be summarized in 4 categories of problems: 1) need of competent resources in the field of blockchain technology, 2) high costs of implementation, 3) uncertainty about deadlines and 4) uncertainty about the reliability.


It is undeniable the scarcity of blockchain developers: many developers still look with distrust to the world of blockchain and smart contracts, and even among those who are intrigued and passionate about this new technology just a few have sufficient experience and skills to develop and launch working smart contracts.


Second, as the availability of developers on the blockchain is so poor, it is clear that the remuneration of those few on the market tends to be very high: in some cases, it ends up being a cost more than an investment, and many startups cannot afford this kind of spending, in particular in the first stage.


The difficulty in finding blockchain developers, their scarcity, the absolute novelty of the technology, the innovative smart contract programming language and all the implications linked, extends in a far-fetched way the time for the code writing and the ICO launch. What almost all the individuals and companies involved in an ICO experience is a continuous postponing of the crowdsale launch date.


Above all, the most important aspect to consider when launching a crowdsale which aims to collect an important amount of money is to be sure that the smart contracts are free from errors and resistant to malicious user attacks.

TokNraise Features

In order to help individuals and businesses in the development of their Blockchain Project, Noku is releasing a new platform: Noku TokNRaise. The primary goal is to allow anyone to deploy their smart contracts and launch their own Security Token Offering or Initial Coin Offering in the easiest and most reliable way.

Development Companies are facing a lack of blockchain developers on the market. A user-friendly, secure, fast platform that frees you from developers dependency, because it writes smart contracts for them.
Budget If you are lucky enough to find one blockchain developer, compensation will be really high. A budget-friendly service paid in NOKU and just entailing small fees.
Time All this implies long realization times. An easy interface that makes you set all the ICO parameters and launch the crowdsale in a matter of minutes.
Reliability Security issues must be considered. Smart contract are successfully tested on several clients.


Noku  TokNRaise helps solve the problems everyone has experienced, by offering a solution on 3 fronts:
  1. Not only it is a lean, fast interface with clear and clean graphics; a secure and easy-to-use platform, which frees you from the need to organize job interviews and start new collaborations, because it is the platform that writes the smart contract for you.
  2. it is a budget-friendly service if compared to the global cost of creating and launching an ICO using the traditional method, ie relying on multiple external resources. The service is paid in NOKU and requires the simple payment of small network fees (in ETH gas) necessary for the signature of the various transactions.
  3. Moreover, it is an accelerator because you no longer have to wait and find developers, know them, hire them and wait for them to design, write and deploy the smart contracts, but within a few minutes – really, a few minutes – simply setting all the parameters required for the creation of the smart contract, you will have your ICO ready to launch. Not only that, but the platform is designed to autonomously manage the various phases – presale, RC, crowdsale – according to the deadlines set by you.
  4. The platform has already been tested and re-tested by our team and by our tester clients during months of development. It is free from bugs and able to produce smart contracts immune to malicious user attacks. NOKU itself used these smart contract during its successful ICO.


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