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The Noku Master Token: Fueling Noku Ecosystem


As Noku Platform Development accelerates, the use cases of Noku token gradually increases. Although holders can always go onto crypto exchanges to buy and sell tokens for speculation purposes, Noku is mainly a utility Token used to access the NOKU platform and services.

Looking at Noku Approach

If you haven’t heard yet about Noku, here is your chance to discover this Blockchain Technology player. The objective of Noku is to build an all-in-one ecosystem that enables people to use Blockchain without writing a single line of code.

In fact, Noku Ecosystem empowers businesses and individuals, making the most complex existing technology accessible for everyone.

Let’s dig deeper, trying to better understand how Noku token is useful to you.

Even if we work in a Decentralized and young industry, Crypto projects (ICOs or STOs) take an awfully long time to be built and might eat up a lot of resources: Human and Financial. Startup costs inevitably represent a barrier for any company.

Highly skilled developers are needed for Token Sale Smart contracts, Security companies for auditing them and you can never be certain of timing for realization and security leaks. Under these circumstances, a Blockchain project could appear to be an insurmountable pipe dream.

ToknRaise (Create, Launch, List)

Here comes Noku, since ToknRaise provides completes the loop of a Token Sale lifecycle on the Blockchain (Being is ICO or STO). From Token creation to Token sales, finishing with Token Listing on Noku exchange (Q1 2019), users can easily choose among a large variety of parameters, all customizable.

Think about editing a Template WordPress, that would put you on the same world we are in. The ToknRaise world.

In fact, the Noku Token enables anybody to deploy their own branded digital asset, without having to hire a development team. Needless to say, Quickly and without ever typing a single line of code. Meaning you can let your developers focus on what really matters: your product!

Noku Token (How and Why)

Furthermore, Noku is far from reaching its potential. First of all, the Noku Master Token (Noku) is essential to access various features and pay required fees. In each transaction, all the collected fees (to be paid in NOKU) on the Noku Platform are burned and therefore taken out of circulation forever.

Moreover, ToknRaise is just the first of a number of products releasing soon: Exchange, Payment System, Blockchain for industrial applications.

Last but not least, Noku is Blockchain Agnostic, since its interfaces are built on multiple platforms (starting from Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin), making it tailor-fit to each project need.

No need to do any coding or hire any developers — you can do what you need on The Noku Ecosystem. Forget about crazy startup costs. All you need is to focus on your business idea that will thrive on the Blockchain.

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