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Noku’s Vision: what we believe in


The reason why Noku was born and why we are working hard to develop our projects.

Every society needs a safe and efficient economic system, a system of exchange of value and trust. A well-organised system of exchange is the prerequisite for a society that wants to grow and produce wealth.

But the current economic system — based on fiat money — is not efficient anymore.

The reason is clear: if money used to serve 3 different functions (store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account), however it has nowadays lost 2 of these 3 functions.

A store of value

Nowadays, money doesn’t serve anymore as a store of value: countries keep on printing fiat coin, endlessly, so money is losing its purchasing power year after year. This is what we call inflation, and this means that people is being deprived of those power and wealth they had produced working. They cannot save up almost anything.

We believe that what people need is a new coinage which enable them to take advantage of the value they produce.

A medium of exchange

Moreover, money doesn’t work anymore as a valid medium of exchange: the transactions are too slow, expensive and in some cases — for example, the transactions between different countries — too difficult.

We believe that what people need is an easy way to exchange the digital information; a simple, cheap and efficient way to transfer any sort of value from one person to another.

What people need is the blockchain technology, with its security by design, its speed and its low cost.

We believe that what people deserve is a fast and reliable service, all over the world.


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