Noku Update

Noku Wallet: the first web/mobile synchronized EOS wallet


The No-Banks Society is releasing its multi-currency wallet and will now start supporting the EOS blockchain.

That’s true! Noku is thrilled to announce that EOS holders will be able to register and store their assets on Noku Wallet, after supporting ETH and thousands of ERC20 tokens already.

Why EOS?

Why? EOS is a decentralized platform that has been designed to enable scaling of the decentralized applications.  What makes EOS special is the ability to process transactional volume as high as 100,000 transactions per second.

EOS claims to solve weaknesses of blockchain systems such as slow speed, high transaction fees, User experience.   

EOS users will be able to monitor their account, their balance, transfer funds, and keep their transaction history under control through Noku wallet.

Noku team has has studied EOS ecosystem and found a solution to support the needs of such an highly skilled community. The EOS community will set foot into a stylish and powerful interface, user friendly,  available both as a web both as mobile wallet, a huge advantage for users who need to access their funds whether they’re at work, at home or on the move.

Noku’s offer

EOS requires that users need to create account names and the registration process require users to pay a fee. Noku will allow users to easily participate to the EOS ecosystem by paying 10 Noku Master Tokens. However, we reserve the right to change our price at any time, according to market fluctuations. 

About Noku Wallet

New coins and tokens see the light at very high speed, and people are diversifying their crypto portfolio. From these needs the Noku Wallet update is born: Noku Wallet is not just a beautiful and powerful wallet.

With the launch of this new campaign, Noku Wallet reinforces its vision to become the world’s most complete platform to store, create and share value for digital assets. And doing all of this without writing a line of code.

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