Noku Update

NOKU Token is Now Available to Trade on


We are excited to announce that Noku Master Token is now available to trade on a new exchange…Nuex!

Hello, community! We were able to anticipate the listing date earlier than announced and now you can trade the pair NOKU.

Even if we have been traveling for various events, we don’t forget that we have a strong community in Italy! That’s we have decided to give you one more exchange where to trade Noku.

Nuex is a trading platform specialized in cryptocurrencies vs cryptocurrencies from user to user. Nuex provides the platform as it is, for experienced traders.

You must have at least a basic knowledge of trading and about cryptocurrencies. This new exchange listing is a significant step towards the development of Noku and strengthens the strategy which aims to popularize and enlarge the coin’s presence in crypto-community.

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