Noku Update

Noku Swap with “fiat money” is ready to launch on 18 February 2019

Enter and exit the crypto market from your personal bank account.

Thanks to its recently obtained licenses as a regulated Exchange and Custodian, Noku North Europe Ou will launch the Swap platform on the 18th February. The service provides the advantage of instant conversion to the wallet, without having to send your tokens to any external exchange service. Among the crypto available immediately there will be ETH, NOKU, EURN and fiat currencies EUR and CHF.

Liquidity will be provided by the platform itself through the application of a conversion rate which will be displayed prior to definitive confirmation of the exchange rate.  When forwarding fiat money, the displayed price in crypto is guaranteed for 24 hours, meaning that the user has 24 hours to execute the bank transfer.
In case of a request for fiat money, the platform will send the funds within 24 hours to the Bank Address indicated by the user. The Bank account must display the same name of the person who completed the KYC within the Noku account used for the transfer.

Therefore, it will also be possible to directly convert EURN (the stable-coin pegged to the Euro) into fiat currency and request a “redeem“.  

EURN available on The Rock Trading until February 28th, 2019.  

Moreover, from March 1st, 2019, it will no longer be possible to exchange EURN-related pairs on the TheRockTrading exchange. Withdrawals, however, will be possible on a later stage.

Swapping your tokens through Noku Swap allows users to always keep control of their assets as the platform never stores, at any stage, the private keys of the wallets used.

The introduction of fiat currency, initially Euro (EUR) and Swiss Franc (CHF), allows users to easily enter and exit the crypto world directly from a bank account. Other cryptos will be added in the following months.

Noku Swap is a service offered by Noku North Europe Ou, a company based in Estonia and holder of the following licenses:

Exchange No. FVR000607

Custodian N. FRK000517

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