Noku Update

Noku Roadmap Update: the bright road to Noku Bit


Noku Web Wallet is out and it is daily recording loads of transactions; plus, the Workspace and the Noku Account are online and enriched with advanced features.

In the meantime, we are developing the other projects: over the next 8 months, we are launching the mobile versions of the wallet (Android and iOS), the Custom Token and Custom ICO interfaces, and much more.

Q2: Android App and Custom Tokens

During the Q2, we will release one of the most explosive services offered by the Noku platform: the Custom Token service, the interface which makes the creation of a token as easy as 1–2–3.

After that, we are releasing the Android Wallet to manage different accounts with a speed, light, easy-to-use app, always synchronized with your Web Wallet.

Q3: iOS App, Custom ICO and Multicurrency Wallet

The third step of the Noku roadmap provides for the iOS Wallet and after that the update to a multicurrency wallet.

The Noku Platform will become your unique interface for the blockchain world, allowing to trade not just Ethereum, but also Bitcoin, Lite Coin and Bitcoin Cash: the crucial step that gets Noku closer to the idea of a universal wallet.

Then, it will be the moment of the Custom ICO.

This is one of our lead services and the simplest way in the world to start your own ICO: thanks to a quick, light, clear, client side, handy (is not enough?) interface, you entrust the whole procedure to the Noku Platform. Pre-sale, reservation, crowd-sale and the other steps — as the creation of your custom token — will be automatized.

Q4: Noku Bit

Our ultimate goal is the Noku Bit, our own blockchain designed for financial markets and security tokens.

The Noku Bit will be:

  • faster
  • more scalable
  • cheaper.

The bright road to the blockchainization of the traditional financial assets.


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