Noku post event Report – Malta Blockchain Summit


NOKU is excited to share its post-event report, after the Malta Blockchain Summit, as it was one of the biggest events so far this year. There were more than 8500 people present, including notable attendees such as Charles Hoskinson of Cardano, John McAfee, and the Winklevoss twins.

With such a high number of people attending, it might have been somehow too crowded; however many private dinners and Networking evenings were a huge plus, helping Noku team to meet partners and like-minded people.

Once again, we put Noku on the CryptoSpace map! We received a lot of positive feedbacks and pieces of advice from people working within the industry. From ICO/STO advisors to Legal and Marketing companies and Software companies, looking forward to collaborating with Noku.

Particularly regarding ToknRaise Platform, one of the Main Noku products, which has raised loads of interest as a facilitator for any kind of Blockchain crowdfunding, complimentary and customizable.
Noku also held a workshop inside the event, showing to the audience a live Demo of the ToknRaise platform and even launching an ICO live, in just 30 minutes, selecting some of the over 100 parameters available for Startups and Businesses.

New partnerships have been made, since ToknRaise can be integrated into many already existing services, saving programming resources on the first phase; letting the developer team focus on what really matters: your product. Roberto Gorini, also announced the launch of Noku exchange, for the best projects listed on ToknRaise, for Q1 2019, solving the issue that many tokens have (first exchange listing).

Talking about the main trends, the STOs (Security Token Offering) were playing a leading role in the Malta Blockchain Summit. At Noku we have been researching on STOs for months and we are developing complete tools on this type of financial assets, including a distribution platform for revenue sharing to be built on top of ToknRaise.

Malta, with its new regulatory framework, is leading the pack of STOs. The Malta Blockchain Summit was exactly a reflection of this momentum. Innovators, Business People, Devs, and investors get together to shape the future of the evolving blockchain industry. Regulations and Compliance have been a big topic indeed, as in many of the latest events.

Security tokens and Security exchanges are concepts which are starting to get ground, moving Blockchain always more from the hype phase to the application phase.


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