Noku Update

Noku: No Banks-Society


If you want to be the change, your mission needs to be fueled by a great motivation. You need a reason that makes your work unique, and a fitting way to communicate it. As we strongly believe in the reasonwhy we are doing this, we’ve finally put this “why” into writing: here we have Noku, your No Banks Society.

If you were wondering why is Noku working so hard to bridge the gap between real life and crypto, today we are giving you an answer.

Because we want the value you produce to remain yours, no matter what.

We strongly believe that the end of state monopoly over money has become finally possible thanks to the progress in technology: thanks to blockchain, crypto and the tokenization of economy. Thanks to the implementation of a disintermediated and decentralized financial system.

We are proud to shout out loud, so, the very essence of our project: Noku wants to be your easy way for a society freed from the long-established financial oligarchy, and to make it possible for everyone to exploit the most advanced existing tech.

We don’t want to be your next bank.

We are a community who stands for, and fiercely works for, a no-banks society.

Noku is your next No Banks Society.

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