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Noku Ecosystem Update 2019


There have been many developments over the past several months, and since 2019 has just begun, it’s time for an update on the modules of the Noku ecosystem — along with a glance at the future elements that we’re building.

What’s on the horizon for 2019?

Since it’s been a while after the last progress post, we thought it would be useful to give a comprehensive overview of what we’re working on, and what’s in the pipeline for the future.

But before we dive into that, let’s recap what we’ve accomplished so far.

For those of you who have been following our Community updates closely, feel free to skip the following section. But for everyone else, this should bring you up to speed and help set the stage for what’s to come.

What we have already done

1. Wallet

A community of people who freely exchange value and trust needs a user-friendly and powerful environment.
Manage multiple addresses, thousands of tokens and crypto, transfer asset and remain in control of your private key.
Get real-time conversion rates and enjoy Mobile-Web Synchronization.
Available for Android and IoS devices.

2. Custom Token Creation

Create your ERC20 token in less than 5 minutes. Set-up your circulating supply, logo and adjust the possibility of burning and minting them.
Once the token creation is concluded, the entire amount of tokens can be stored or distributed from your wallet to other ETH wallets.

3. TokenRaise

TokenRaise is a complete service, built on top of Custom Token, to allow people to create and manage crowdfunding campaign on the Ethereum Blockchain (ICO/STO), without writing any line of code. Moreover, it offers the most valuable projects the possibility of exchange listing.

Current features

Future Implementations

Whitelist Contributors
KYC Management
Reservation Contracts
Multiple Presales available
Tailored for Partners -Ready to scale
Exchange Listing
More than 100 parameters available

Fiat Gateway
Security Token Optimization
Revenue Sharing Panel
Airdrop and Distribution
ERC721 Support

What we are doing

4. Noku Pay

Noku Pay is a Meta-Blockchain acting as a payment system. It allows virtually anyone with a smartphone to pay or transfer tokens and cryptos in real time and for free. The payment/collection system is free of charge for everyone, for those who pay and those who receive funds. Noku Pay will be integrated into both the Noku Web Wallet and the Noku Mobile Wallet.

5. Noku Research

Noku Research’s mission is to advance the research and development of blockchain-based technologies for use in Business, Finance, Economics, Legal, Industrial and all other areas of potential impact.
We are studying new ways to boost Blockchain utility in various sectors, starting from finance and industrial application. We believe the new wave of Blockchain development will be focused on creating efficiency, and diving into use case scenarios for easy to use technologies and we want to be at the forefront of it.

  • NokuChain: A Blockchain for industrial applications. An increasing number of companies are interested in launching Blockchain applications. However, most of the companies we have been talking with are reluctant to use Blockchain because of the low-speed of transactions typical of Public Blockchains. Sending transactions, tickets, internal tokens, representatives of goods.
  • Noku Notary: Notarization has always been considered one of the use cases that Blockchain and Smart contracts can improve and disrupt. It’s one of need influencing changes since it is attempting to reshape a 700-year-old profession. Blockchain technology indelibly assures the integrity of data written on the chain. Monitoring information on the blockchain provides proof of Timestamp, Ownership and is independently verifiable.
  • NokuBit: Nokubit was designed to further enhance the Bitcoin ecosystem by opening its gates to the token economy. Not just stable coins and utility tokens; but to all the securities that have remained excluded from the tokenization process up until now. With these goals in mind, we are creating a Bitcoin sidechain dedicated to such assets (derivatives, shares, bonds ecc..).

6. NokuToken Utilization

As we move forward and keep building our tech, we’re constantly looking for additional ways to provide more utility to the Noku Token.
The Noku Master Token (Noku) is essential to the functioning of the Noku platform, to access various features and pay the required fees. In each transaction, all the collected fees (to be paid in NOKU) on the Noku Platform are burned and hence taken out of circulation forever.


Hopefully you have gaineda better understanding of where we’re at, where we’re going, and how all these pieces fit together. As always, we will continue to focus on building the tools this industry needs to grow and driving more utility into the NOKU token via TokenRaise, NokuPay and other products we will create and launch in the future

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