Noku Update

Noku announces the introduction of FIAT money into its platform


We are proud to announce that the company Noku North Europe Ou (NNE), based in Estonia, has joined the Noku group.

Thanks to its recently obtained licenses as regulated Exchange and Custodian, the company will enable the platform to accept Fiat currency payments and the trading of tokens and cryptocurrencies against fiat money.

The first service that NNE will launch on the market is the Noku Swap:

The platform enables crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto conversion of a selected number of tokens, against Euros or Swiss Francs. The number of fiat and crypto pairs available will keep increasing over time.

Noku announces the conversion of the stable – coin EURN directly from the Noku platform.

 EURN (the stable – coin pegged to the Euro) is among the cryptos that will be available on the Noku Swap platform right from the start. It will be possible to convert the stable – coin to Euros directly from the platform.

The conversion occurs straight from your wallets, without having to send your tokens to any external exchange service. In the case of crypto-crypto conversion, the timeframe will be in the order of minutes and it will depend on the speed of the Blockchain involved. The selected tokens will be sent directly to your wallets after being converted. In the case of crypto – fiat conversion, the tokens will be sent first and on a later stage, the fiat amount will be credited to your bank account. Instead, for fiat – crypto conversions, firstly you will have to send a transfer request for the fiat amount to NNE and then you will receive the tokens on your wallet. Given the fluctuations of the crypto markets, the amount to be transferred at the fixed exchange rate will have to take place within the next 24h.

Noku will integrate fiat money in the rest of the services available in the Noku ecosystem.

On a later stage, Fiat currency will be implemented in other services, such as Tokenraise, which will enable its users to run crowdsale campaigns (ICO, STO and TGE) accepting major international currencies, from the get-go Euros and Swiss Francs.

The service will be active from the 18th of February 2019.



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