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Noku announces its partnership with Yamzu


We are glad to announce we are taking part to Yamzu’s project about a blockchain-based eSport platform.

Yamzu is about to launch its ICO in partnership with Noku.

Thanks to its expert dev team, Noku has been Yamzu’s first choice for a technologic support.

Noku is providing Yamzu the technology required to launch the ICO: all the smart contracts necessary for the pre-sale and the sale steps.

Introducing Yamzu

Yamzu is the eSport platform that organises both amateur and professional tournaments sponsored by huge software house and gaming equipment providers.

They have been active since 2 years and they are growing their community day after day, thanks to their well-designed service, the smart ways of engagement and their rewards value: they have created an environment where gamers success exclusively thanks to their ability. No cheat: the best player wins.

Due to the revolution currently in progress, Yamzu have decided to evolve its reward-mechanism toward a blockchain-based one, offering their customers a better service and many more advantages and possibilities.

Yamzu aim is to expand the gamers community, allowing also the non-professional ones to get free access to the tournaments and earn some reward in token: in order to do that, they are designing a new digital currency (YMZ token) that will work anywhere in the world and will attract many players who have not had the opportunity to participate in eSports tournaments till now. The access to the tournaments will be completely free.

Yamzu ICO is about to start: stay tuned!

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