Noku Update

Introducing Noku Workspace and Noku Wallet 1.2


We’re excited to introduce Noku Workspace, our new major feature in Noku Wallet. Here’s a brief description:

Using Noku Workspace you can store more than an account on a computer file (Local Workspace) or on Noku Server (Cloud Workspace).
Noku Cloud is based on your Noku Account and is synchronized on any device in use. Noku Server doesn’t store your private key or account password but only public addresses encrypted by local browser before sending to the server, so if you lost your password you can recover it but not the info stored in the cloud server (strong privacy policy).
Local Workspace instead, stores also your private key on a computer file so if you load it you can operate on all wallets stored inside. You can add, remove, rename, customize and undo changes. Full source code of Noku Wallet is on GitHub.

Other Improvements

1. Add token info (symbol, name, decimals, supply) and logo if available to all Ethereum tokens (more than 50000)
2. Add login and registration of Noku Account to provide present and future services to Noku Wallet users
3. Add Workspace as first service to Noku Wallet users

Thank you for your support and interest!

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