Noku Update

Inside Noku Workspace


Through Noku Workspace you can store more than one wallet on a computer (Local Workspace) or on a server (Cloud).

Noku Cloud refers to your Noku account and is synced with any device connected to it. The Server does not store the private keys or passwords of your account, but only the public addresses encrypted by the local browser before sending them to the server. In the event of loss of the password, we may recover that, but the same does not apply to the information stored in the cloud server.


The option to save Workspace in the Cloud can be activated or deactivated freely depending on the user’s preferences.

The Local Workspace, on the other hand, also stores private keys in a file. You can add, remove, rename, customize your changes. The complete source code for Noku Wallet is on GitHub at this address.

The wallets saved on the Workspace can be as many as you want and the name is customizable so you can recognize them easily and immediately. The platform is available for Web, Android, and iOS.

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