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How to create your first Wallet on Noku Platform


Currently, on the Noku wallet, you can manage, transfer and store you Ethereum and all ERC20, ERC721 tokens, but over the next few weeks, it will be integrated with the Bitcoin, Litecoin and EOS blockchains to become a multicurrency wallet.

First, go to

You there? All right, let’s start.

1. Click on “Create a New Wallet”.

Choose to Create a New Wallet or import a new one, if you created one already on other providers.

Now just choose the name of the wallet and create a complex password (security first). The name function is used to facilitate different wallets management and to identify them easily once they enter the Noku Workspace (we will explain later what is the workspace)

The wallet name replaces the alphanumeric public address of your wallet. You know that the blockchain addresses are not really user-friendly… Imagine you have 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 wallets: how do you discern one from another if they are just a string of alphanumeric characters? With the Noku Wallet, you can distinguish different wallets in your workspace giving them different names, for instance, “salary”, “work”, “games”;

The password will be necessary to unlock your wallet, so choose an easy but strong one, and NEVER FORGET IT. Write it down on a piece of paper and/or save it on your device;

Pick an avatar. You can choose your avatar from a limitless range, and not just be given a fixed one: so you can remember it far more easily. Isn’t that cool?

2. Once you’ve entered this information, click “Next”:

The following step is to download the UTC /JSON file that contains your encrypted private and public key. Read the instructions before the Download button. DOWNLOAD THE FILE AND STORE IT IN A SAFE PLACE. Do not lose it, and do not share it, because if someone finds it and accesses your wallet, you will very (very, very) probably lose all your funds.


Ok, click on “I have downloaded it” and you will be taken to the next screen.

3. Now it’s time to save your private key:

Save your private key. You will need it in the next step. We also strongly recommend printing your paper wallet.

Once the new wallet is created, we can unlock it in several ways:

  • Private key,
  • Encrypted key,
  • UTC / JSON file
  • Mnemonic phrase

The last option is the most innovative: it is designed for all those who have already created a wallet on another platform and want to import it into the Noku interface.

Start managing your fund: you can send and receive amounts of tokens, check the history of your transactions, check your total balance, and many other functions!

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