Noku Update

Forget MyEtherWallet


Tired of using MyEtherWallet and its unfriendly, cold and confusing interface?

I feel you.

Wanna send and receive funds with MEW? Unlock. Wanna view your wallet info? Unlock again. Wanna check your total balance? You can’t. Wanna check the token balance? You must visit another website. Wanna check your transaction history? Another website.

The Noku Wallet is the unique interface that allows you to access and manage your funds using one single tool.

Get access once, and the interface will let you:

  • Check your total balance and your token balance
  • Send & receive funds
  • Keep track of your transactions history
  • See and print your private key
  • Generate a new JSON file.

Here 5 reasons why the Noku Wallet is better than MEW.

1. It is user-friendly

The first aim of the Noku Wallet is to help users during the daily management of their crypto: thanks to a user friendly design and beautiful graphics, they learn how to use this tool in no time.

Every section is usefully separated from the others, icons and buttons are plain and explicit, and every function pretty intuitive. Everything is in its right place.

2. You can access your fund in 4 different ways

The classic ways: private key, encrypted private key, mnemonic phrase, UTC / JSON file.

Nothing new, you may say: well, what is new is that you can unlock your wallet using the type of mnemonic phrase you prefer. Did you create a wallet using Metamask or TREZOR, for example? Just select the correct type in the Mnemonic Type menu, choosing from:

  • Ledger
  • Metamask
  • Jaxx
  • Exodus
  • Digital Bitbox

and immediately migrate your old wallet to Noku.


So what is new? You don’t need MEW.

3. Total balance, token balance

Once you unlock your wallet, you can check:

  • The total balance
  • The partial balance
  • The token balance.

All these informations are shown in the same screen, written in an intuitive and clear manner.

4. TX History

Remember MEW? If you want an overview of your past transactions, you always need to click on a link that leads you to another website. With Noku, your transaction history is always visible, right there, in the bottom section of the page.

5. Save and print your wallet

Once you got access to your Noku Wallet, you can any time:

  • See your private key;
  • Print your paper wallet;
  • Save your wallet, i.e. generate a new JSON file.

Looking for a real client-side interface for an easier management of your funds?
Try the Noku Wallet, it’s FREE!

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