Don’t miss Paolo Rebuffo at the 1st Noku Meetup


1 day to go to the 1st Noku Meetup: Paolo Rebuffo (alias FunnyKing) will speak about some crucial issues related to blockchain and disintermediation.

Only 1 day left: on thursday, July 26th, at Spazio Copernico (Milan), we will be holding the very first Noku Meetup.

In the meantime, we are happy to announce the third speaker: Paolo Rebuffo — probably you know him as FunnyKing — one of the most well-known blockchain and economy experts in Italy, advisor for the major companies in the blockchain industry and founder of the most successful blog for an independent financial information in Italy– -will give a speech.

His intervention will focus on the importance of the blockchain within the process of financial disintermediation. What Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto can do is to let people reappropriate the individual right to property, to reappropriate the value they produce working, saving money and “running the economy”.

Rebuffo, currently advisor for Noku, will also show the characteristics that make Noku a unique project,especially the will to make the blockchain accessible to all, developing applications on this technology and bringing them to people in the simplest way, the way we do not even realise we are using them.

“The blockchain returns to individuals the possession and the freedom to benefit from the fruit of their own ingenuity and their work.” — Paolo Rebuffo

Last places available

The Meetup is free but places are limited: don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the implications of this absolute revolution called blockchain, and to ask any questions to three of the major experts in the field.

Reserve your seat now:

1st Noku Meetup
26th July
h. 7 pm
@Spazio Copernico — Milan

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