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Blockchain, Distributed Ledger technologies, and cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Businesses across industries from finance to healthcare and AI know that blockchain technologies are growing and could bring many business advantages, including lower costs, quicker transaction speed and elimination of intermediaries during transactions.

Among about 20 million software developers in the world, only approximately 0,1% know what a blockchain code looks like. Although Blockchain Developers are in demand, the technology underlying blockchain is still in its infancy.

Moreover, the most promising jobs don’t include only engineers or developers. The reality shows that there are more positions available than the ones that can be filled. The industry is desperately looking for qualified candidates.

Every position you can think of is in demand:

Legal Consultant, Web designer, Project Manager, Community Manager, Token Model, Copywriter, Consultant.

ToknRaise Tour:

We can’t tell you how this world will change but we can give you the tools to become a leader in this new industry.
Although there is no manual on how to become Blockchain Manager, through our experience, we will open you the door of the blockchain world, you will only need to walk through it.

These free events will be running in various locations all over the globe and are an introduction to the “ToknRaise I Level Blockchain” course, that will be following up shortly after. Our goal is to train Blockchain Managers, making them immediately operational and experts on how to run Blockchain Crowdfunding campaigns on the Ethereum Network. Without writing a single line of code.

Moreover, we will explain to you how the future of Blockchain will impact the field you work in, creating new jobs and disrupting old ones.

About Noku:

Noku mission is to take the most complex Blockchain technology and making it accessible and ready to use for all our Blockchain Managers. In fact, Noku platforms do not need computer skills to be used and represent the most immediate access to step into the industry of the future.

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