Noku Update

And that’s why Noku is the best ERC20 wallet


The Noku Wallet supports every kind of token generated on the ethereum blockchain: besides ERC20, also ERC777, ERC223, ERC721 and ERC820, i.e. those enriched with more features than the first one.

“That’s impossible”. Nope, it’s not.

We found the way to collect every info related to those tokens, in order to offer a user experience that is clearly better than any other.

Our parallel database

We developed a software that collects all the necessary data, scanning directly EtherScan, CoinMarketCap e CryptoCompare: if an ERC20 is listed on one of these 3 sites, the software records its info and automatically updates our parallel database.

We don’t need any API provider to scan the blockchain: for every new ERC20 generated, we run an analysis to verify that the token respects the standard, then we check its functionalities and add it to our database.

Ticker, name, logo and price index

What are the user’s benefits?

Say goodbye to those uncomfortable, ambiguous and gloomy exclamation points your old wallet spits out when it does not recognize the latest ERC20 generated.

The Noku user will always be permitted to have an automatic overview — updated in near real-time — of his/her tokens complete with:

  1. name
  2. ticker
  3. logo
  4. real time price index.

Our database currently contains about 73.000 tokens with name, ticker and logo, 1.500 of which complete with the price index, too.

There’s nothing more convenient.

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