5 things you have missed in the Cryptosphere


What do you think about a “Blockchain Court”? And what about a blockchain application in the medical field?

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TechHives is the first “tokenized”YouTube channel

TechHives is an infotainment YouTube channel where tech-savvy people explains technology to non-tech people.

The novelty is that TechHives founders have decided to place their YouTube account on a blockchain and tokenize the activity.

The tokens have already been issued and are available for purchase: profits coming from investors and advertising will be used to reinforce the channel itself and find new ideas of development. Everything without banks and intermediaries.

First “Blockchain Court” in Dubai coming soon

It will be the result of a collaboration between the Court of Dubai International Financial Center and Smart Dubai.

Their first goal is to find the best way to verify all the legal judgments related to blockchain-based projects, but this is just the first step towards the creation of a more efficient judicial system based on blockchainsimplified trials and no more duplicated documents or slow procedures.

The research will also focus on how to use smart contract for an easier management of disputes over public and private blockchain issues.

Grapevine World announces blockchain-based pilot for exchange of clinical data

A new blockchain-based platform for the managing of clinical data has been launched thanks to the collaboration between 3 partner: Grapevine World, the Southampton University and Tiani Spirit.

The purpose of the project is to eliminate the possibility of critical errors and safety problems when it comes to sensitive medical data recording, tracking and sharing.

The need is to make the platform fully compatible with the Interoperability Standard in force.

Sony wants to patent two hardware approaches for hosting and maintaining blockchains

Electronic Node and Method for Maintaining a Distributed Ledger and Device and System: these are the two filings titles. The first application provides for a hardware node and a method for maintaining the blockchain, a method described as a mining process.

In the second application, Sony focuses on the security risks in a small network: they basically propose to increase the number of nodes through the use of virtual ones.

Does it mean that Sony is launching its own cryptocurrency? There is no way of knowing, for now.

Iran: as Rial value is collapsing, Bitcoin purchasing volume gets off of the ground

Iran is experiencing a crisis especially due to the sanctions imposed by the West of the world: the IRR value is collapsing and there are no signs of recovery. Compared to a year ago, the value of Rial has decreased by 25%.

For this reason, Iranians are desperately looking for alternative currencies: as US dollar hardly circulates in Iran, the final choice is Bitcoin.

During the last 2 weeks, we have assisted a rapid increase in the volume of exchange Rial-Bitcoin and according to predictions Iran could find itself in a situation very similar to that of Venezuela.

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