Noku Update

3 Noku insights you have missed


NOKU Master Token now available on a new exchange!

Back from London Blockchain Summit

Noku participated in the London Blockchain Summit last week: we came back home with news and some exciting upcoming projects. We take this opportunity to thank to all those we met there and gave us interesting suggestions!

How Blockchain is disrupting Banking industry (part 2)

Did you miss the second part of the two-part series dedicated to the disrupting power of the blockchain? You can read it here. This time we talk about:

  • Account Deposit
  • Loans and Credit
  • Insurance

Your thoughts?

Big news: NOKU is now available on a new exchange

Uou can trade the pair NOKU/WETH on DDex.

DDex is a hybrid decentralized exchange designed to provide liquidity for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens directly from users’ Wallet.

The difference between DDex and other exchanges is that it doesn’t require you to deposit tokens in order for you to fill an order. Visit DDex now!

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