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3 Noku insights you have missed


Custom ICO, Telegram Passport and an interesting consideration about benefits and risks of the smart contracts: find out the main events of the week!

Welcome to our familiar weekly recap, where we sum up the main news from Noku.

Roadmap Update: shaping Noku Custom ICO platform

What happens when you take the most complex technology and you work night and day to make it easy and useful for everyone?

You create something like the Custom ICO platform: from this point of view, this week has been really fruitful, and the Custom ICO service is about to be launched!



Telegram Passport now available for the Noku Platform

The Noku Platform is one of the first cryptocurrency platforms to implement Telegram Passport: now you can verify your account quicker than ever. Thanks to Telegram Passport you are just one click away from the intuitive managing of your wallets and the creation of your Custom Token and Custom ICO!


Blockchain Fundamentals: Smart contracts, what you need to know (Pt 2)

How Smart Contracts Could Change The Way You Do Business? We tried to answer the question in the second piece of our series dedicated to blockchain technology, smart contracts, tokens and all their shades and implications.

In this article, we speak about the importance of smart contracts related to 4 of their attributes: independence, savings, security, accuracy.

And what about the risks? 👉Smart contracts, what you need to know (Pt 2)

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