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Become the Blockchain Manager of the future

You must have heard about the potential applications for Blockchain on businesses and corporations are enormous.

Noku Academy offers a learning framework on Distributed Ledger and its underlying technologies, developed by Blockchain professionals, allowing companies and individuals to fully enhance the opportunities of this complex industry.

What is Noku Academy?

The first step to become a leader in the
Blockchain industry.

Businesses across multiple industries are using Blockchain technologies in order to achieve multiple business advantages, including transparency, reduced costs and faster transaction speed.

LinkedIn Data reveal that Blockchain jobs are at the top of the list regarding emerging careers. However, Blockchain application is still in its infancy. The whole world is still working on finding the best use cases for this technology.

Moreover, the most promising jobs include more than just those with a technical background. The reality shows that there are more positions available than can be filled. The industry is desperate for qualified candidates.

Every position you can imagine of is in demand:
Legal Consultant, Project Manager, Community Managers, Token Model Executive, Copywriter.

We will give you the tools, the theory and bring our on-field experience, giving you a solid theoretical framework that will maximize your skills. We will open you the door of the Blockchain world, you will only need to walk through it.


Best decisions are based on things you know well.

Number of blockchain related Linkedin jobs tripled over the last year

Blockchain skills rank number on Upwork, worlds largest freelancer hiring site

Forecast of spending on blockchain solutions in 2022 (Asia only)

Compound annual growth rate of Blockchain space until 2022, as predicted by Netscribe

Noku Academy

Become the Blockchain Manager
of the future

What is a Blockchain Manager?
There are four major players in the crypto job market; startups, legacies, tech companies and governments. All of them are looking or will be looking to hire a Blockchain Manager.

This job will cover a wide array of responsabilities, such as ensuring quality in development, creating a virtuous token model, structure and govern initial coin offering, supply the most advanced technology for a specific project.

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What we will provide in this courses?

  • Advanced theoretical training
  • Practical tutoring
  • Experts insight and tips
  • Training on Noku products
  • A kick-off of your Blockchain career
  • High quality material
  • High quality networking
  • An official certificate of partecipation

Noku Academy Program

Discover all the hot topic we will talk about


  • Introduction
  • What is Blockchain
  • Origin of Money
  • The origin of cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency VS Token
  • Key partecipants in the blockchain ecosystem (layers)
  • Blockchain framework: does your project needs blockchain?
  • Dapps and smart contracts
  • Blockchain applica3ons for enterprise
  • ICO
  • The future of blockchain
  • Potential blockchain use cases



  • Noku Ecosystem
  • Create and Manage your Noku wallet
  • Create your Custom Token
  • Launch your project (STO / ICO)


  • Final test
  • Networking dinner
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Noku Academy AWARD
Since at Noku we take our mission as Blockchain advocates very seriously, we decided to reward our 3 best students with a discount.

The three best performing students will have a 20% discount on Noku blockchain advanced course

Payable in EUR, CHF, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Noku

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